A subscription order is a set of one or more items that have a repeatable schedule managed through an account that includes shipping, billing, and payment information. To implement subscription ordering, a system must be able to regenerate orders automatically, on a periodic basis, and process the recurring payments. The ROM subscription service APIs enables this subscription order functionality. It can be invoked from a webstore or from Customer Care.

Note: Subscription orders are limited to credit card tenders.

The functions available through the subscription service are listed in the following Subscription URI table.

Subscription URI Summary

Subscription URIs use the service identifier subscription.



URI Template

URI Example

Transaction Type

Unique RequestID Needed for Duplicate Detection?

Non-URI Request Payload


Create POST /order-subscription/sellers/{sellerId}/subscriptions /order-subscription/sellers/TMSUS/subscriptions Create a new subscription. N0 JSON 200 + JSON response




order-subscription /sellers/TMSUS/subscriptions/_search

Get all subscriptions that match the search criteria.



200 + JSON response

Get Subscription Details by ID GET /order-subscription/sellers/{sellerId}/subscriptions/{subscriptionId}

/order-subscription/ sellers/TMSUS/subscriptions/2171

Get details about the specified subscription. No JSON 200 + JSON response




/order-subscription /sellers/TMSUS/subscriptions/2171

Deactivate, activate, change the frequency, or change the next order date of a subscription.



200 + JSON response

Modify Shipping Address PUT /order-subscription/sellers/{sellerId}/subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/addresses /order-subscription /sellers/TMSUS/subscriptions/2171/addresses Update the shipping address for subscriptions that match the update criteria. No JSON 200 + JSON response

URI domain name: Radial recommends using the new domain at apg.radial.com. To connect to production Radial APIs, use the following form of the URL:


You should have received the applicable information for proxyname, storecode, and function from your Radial representative.

Note: The old domain will still be in operation until further notice from Radial. For more information on Radial API URIs, see API Requests and Responses.

Subscription Order Identifiers

When a subscription is created, the client sends an order with a web order ID. This original order ID serves as a base number for all subsequent subscription order IDs, with suffixes added to distinguish each subscription order.

The subscription ID takes the following form:

prefix+SUBSCR+db sequence

The prefix is optional. If used, it is defined by the client and configured at the seller level.

The db sequence is system-generated and unique for every subscription order.