Radial's Fulfillment Connector for Shopify is an optional component of the Radial Fulfillment solution. It provides a single interface to integrate and synchronize Radial's fulfillment capabilities with client Shopify webstores. The connector enables Shopify integration, reduces the technical effort required on the client side, reduces the amount of internal testing, and supports the need for a speedy launch.

Radial is a certified Shopify development partner. The Radial Fulfillment Connector for Shopify app makes it easy to set up the connector. If you have not already installed the app, you can access it here on the Shopify public app store.

The following diagram shows the data flow of the integration of Radial Fulfillment and Shopify.

The following diagram shows the data flow through the ROM user interface.

Recent Enhancements and New Features

  • Multiple Version Support and Upgrade: Backwards compatible. A retailer can be on any version of Shopify’s API while going live.

  • Order Create Validation by Product: Based on product configuration, only those orders intended for Radial fulfillment are downloaded and created in ROM.

  • ATP Inventory Enhancement: Removes the dependence on Shopify SKUs ID and ID of SKUs by Store, and covers all inventory items under the same SKU in Shopify.

  • Item Update Enhancement: Syncs inventory item IDs and periodic item updates.

  • Routing to a new B2B Seller: Supports routing based on order tags for B2B and B2C.

  • Order Modification: Provides the support for order modification during a buyer's remorse period.

  • Item Level ATP flag: Item level flag to Ignore ATP update back to Shopify for a particular item.

  • Gift Messages: Gift message support using the Order Note field.

  • Order Create Delay: Introduction of a delay allowing fraud checks to complete before Radial gets the order.


To use the connector, clients must:

  • Set webhooks for orders and SKUs. Note: The Shopify app sets the webhook for orders automatically. The webhook for SKUs is optional. See the following table for details.

  • Set Radial as a fulfiller.

  • Provide identifiers (such as inventory location and store name) to Radial.

Radial will:

  • Set up the Shopify Connector.

  • Provide the URLs for the webhooks.

  • Provide directions to the clients on completing the applicable setups on their systems. Radial provides details on these as the project progresses.

How It Works

The following table describes the integration points between ROM and the Shopifyplus API.

Integration Point Sender Frequency Description
Shopify SKUs Shopify As available

Basic SKU-level information. Optional - clients can send this data in an Item Master.

Note: If Shopify SKUs are loaded before ROM is connected, the initial load of Shopify SKUs will not happen. For pre-existing webstores, Radial will need an initial load of SKUs. The method for the load will be identified as the project progresses.

ATP Inventory Radial Scheduled Daily full and incremental delta updates of available inventory by SKU for all fulfillment channels. To send ATP, ROM requires Shopify inventory SKU IDs, either through the item master or the Shopify SKUs interface. If set, safety stock is deducted first. Optional - Clients may send ATP to Shopify from their own systems.
Order Create Shopify As available Customer orders to be fulfilled at a Radial DC.
Fulfillment Created Radial Scheduled Order line level change status to shipped.
Order Cancelled Radial Scheduled Order line level change status to cancelled.
Refund Radial Scheduled

On returns and line item cancellations, Radial sends a refund request to Shopify.

Note: Many clients have a return application or process returns individually. Returns applications require a custom integration. If clients process returns individually, the returns are communicated through reporting.

The following table describes the integration points between ROM and client systems.

Feed Sender Frequency Format Description
Item Master Merchant As required XML Basic SKU-level information. Optional - Clients can use Shopify SKUs as described in the previous table.
Receiving Detail Merchant Daily or as available Flat file or XML PO and ASNs shipments in transit to Radial DCs
Inventory Transactions Radial Daily Flat file or XML Inventory receipts and other adjustments processed in Radial DCs
Inventory Status (Radial DCs) Radial Daily Flat file or XML Daily snapshot of inventory in Radial DCs







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