Products that will be shipped from the United States to destinations outside the United States must be classified before they can be sold online, so that accurate taxes and duties are collected from the customer. Partners have the option of choosing which items in their catalog are allowed be sold internationally. At the end of the automated rating process, a partner can consume a restriction feed, which can be used to prevent consumers at checkout from buying items in countries where those items are restricted.

The Data Warehouse team collects a partner's unrated items at regular intervals and loads the items into tax-duties-fees processing (TDF). These items are then classified on the basis of their description, item URL, and country of origin. After the items are rated, a restriction feed is generated which contains country-level restrictions.


  • Default Character Encoding: Unicode: UTF-8
  • Recipient Acknowledgment Required: Yes
  • Exchange Frequency: Client Specific
  • Production Mailbox Location: Client Specific
  • Test Mailbox Location: Client Specific
  • Updates overwrite the existing data. Therefore, when sending updates, send all information that is required, not just the changed fields (and required fields).
  • Filename Format: ISHIP_PH_RATED_DATA%.csv


Type definitions and other details: CommonTypes.xsd

iShip TDF schema: iShipTDF.xsd

API Structure

iShip TDF element table: iShipTDF.xsd.html

Data Keys

Source or Destination Type Description
GSI Radial
PH Product Hub
OMS Order Management System
MMS Merchandise Management System