Radial Order Management Integration

Before you begin integrating your store with Radial Order Management, there are some preparatory steps that you should complete, and there are a number of setup steps that must be completed by Radial personnel.

In early stages of integration planning, Radial personnel will meet with you to discuss the specific needs of your store and which Radial capabilities and services you plan to use. These decisions will shape the integration roadmap for your store and determine which APIs and data feeds you must implement and which you can skip.

Before you can begin your integration testing with Radial's APIs and feeds, Radial personnel must perform basic setup for your store and provide you with the following information:

  • Key identifiers for your store's data, including Client ID, Catalog ID, Seller ID, and Default Hierarchy. You will use these identifiers when you transmit data to Radial Order Management through feeds and APIs.
  • The location and password for your SFTP mailbox. You will use the mailbox to deliver files for Radial feeds.
  • Store ID and API keys for your test environment. You will need these values to send test API request messages.

For more details on integrating with Radial Order Management, see the following pages: