Klarna JavaScript Integration


Radial's foundational JavaScript library can be used to quickly integrate with the Radial Payments Framework in order to take advantage of Klarna Payments Support. Klarna is a global payments provider that works with retailers to give customers the smoothest online shopping experience by providing unique payment options and superior customer experience. This can be done by loading Radial's radial_payments.js and invoking the appropriate methods as needed.

When using this JavaScript integration, Klarna checkout includes two main steps:

  1. Klarna initialization, detailed below.

  2. An API call for payment authorization. For details, see Klarna Get Payment Authorization .

Including radial_payments.js

When using radial_payments.js, you begin by including the library. Add this script tag to your page:

  • Test Environment
    <script src=https://tst.payments.radial.com/hosted-payments/v2.0/radial_payments.js></script>
  • Production Environment
    <script src=https://hostedpayments.radial.com/hosted-payments/v2.0/radial_payments.js></script>

Klarna Initialization